I know that I sound like Chicken Little…screaming about the sky falling.  However, Effective January 1, 2019, you are going to need to ensure that all your apartment properties in California are loaded into Portfolio Manager.  There is a hyperlink to the bill below if you really like read legislature, but the gist is that 1) you need to enter your property’s attributes into Portfolio Manager and set up accounts with your ISO’s to feed your anonymous unit data into Portfolio Manager.  Although, I admit openly, it is a pain to get this data, and I recommend that if you task your property managers with loading it, you run the risk of inconsistencies in the data.  If you are relying on your teams to complete, you will need to have a quality assurances team verify that your information is accurate.  Then, once the information is in, you will need to get your set up with the ISO so that your unit data feeds into Portfolio Manager as well.  (Don’t worry, it will be anonymous.)  There is a lot of work to do, but compliance is the golden ring.  Time to get going!


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