The UMA Sustainability and Innovation Award provides the opportunity for your organization to receive global recognition for making sustainability innovation an integral part of your business.

The award will celebrate excellence in energy, water or trash management, as well as projects demonstrating measurable enhancements in sustainability practices.

Eligible projects may arise from activities within the organization, as part of government/utility provider initiatives or as part of a product of projects initiated on existing or new development multifamily properties.

Projects may be for a specific property or portfolio / companywide.

Examples of eligible projects include but are not limited to:

  • Retrofit or installation project resulting in increased NOI
  • Companywide sustainability program rollout
  • Implementing new technology that positively impacts residents
  • Resident recycling program
  • New trash technology rollout
  • Audit resulting in change of operating procedures

Winners will be chosen annually by volunteer judges who are leaders and experts in the multifamily industry:

  • Property Management Companies and Property Owners are eligible to apply for the annual UMA Sustainability and Innovation Award
  • Property Management Companies / Property Owners can submit up to 5 applications per year (only one application per project / initiative)
  • The UMA Board and Leadership Team will be responsible for determining the award winner each year.
  • Award winners will be contacted by phone and/or email

Submission Deadline isĀ January 10, 2021.


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