The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System, a $2.2 billion solar complex, has come on-line in the sunny Mohave desert.  The project, owned by NRG Energy, Inc., Google Inc., and Brightsource Energy,  and constructed by Bechtel Corp. , uses solar-thermal technology, which means that 350,000 large mirrors concentrate sunlight on boiler towers to create electricity.  The cost to build and operate the solar power plant is more than two-times the cost of a conventional coal or natural gas plant, but the price is dramatically declining and meets California’s requirements for utilities to generate one-third of their electricity from solar and other renewable sources by 2020.

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One Response to The Largest Solar Plant in World Opens

  1. Gabrielle Gonzalez says:

    Is there are reasonable ROI on smaller scale solar programs that could potentially be installed on rooftops of mid or high rise buildings?

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