I believe that the 2011Tohoku earthquake changed our seasonality forever.  I know that most folks would rather say that Climate change causes earthquakes and Tsunamis, but I think that roughly, the chicken hatched an egg that became a chicken. 

The 2011Tohoku earthquake had such extreme magnitude that it shifted the earth’s axis by estimates of between 10 cm (4 in) and 25 cm (10 in). This means that the earth spins in a slightly different way now.  It changed the length of our day by 2 seconds.   Think about what that could mean in terms of our rotation around the sun.  Remember, we do not revolve round the sun in a perfect circular pattern; think wobbly.  In 2012, we had one of our warmest winters on record.  Do you think that that is a coincidence?  I do not.  I think that in years to come Scientists will conclude that this earthquake affected changes to our climate.  I believe it is important to consider the world, when looking at our multifamily product.  Our coldest month might not be our coldest month anymore.  We could have more snow in March than we do in February. Phoenix could have a record breaking cold streak in January, and Los Angeles could have its hottest September in decades.  This could be the new norm.  When I am asked  why is our 2011 month to same period 2012 comparison utility consumption not the same, I know that I sound out there when I say that our planet moved, and it seems to have caused a shift in our seasons.  I am curious what others think.  Am I crazy to believe that there is a permanent butterfly effect? 

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