In prior articles, I discussed what the Smart Grid is and how it is finally getting smarter in the middle of the grid. For further developments in this area, read on below. The main impact to the multi-family housing industry is that as the electricity grid becomes more efficient with less waste, it has the potential to have a downward influence on rates.

According to the US Department of Energy: The term “smart grid” covers a range of devices and systems that leverage recent advances in digital technology and communications to improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of the existing electric power system infrastructure. Although the “smart grid” is most frequently discussed in terms of advanced electric meters and other distribution system technologies, it also includes important enhancements to the transmission system. In particular, phasor measurement units, or PMUs, are a new “smart” technology being deployed throughout North America (see map), monitoring what happens on the transmission grid… [read more]

New technology can improve electric power system efficiency and reliability


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