Everyone is talking about Smart Apartments. Smart this.  Smart that.  I think that it is important to consider, when you are evaluating either building Smart Apartments or retrofitting existing apartment building that you first start by looking at your infrastructure.  That means the cable wiring.  How will the smart locks work?  What happens if you lose power or connectivity on a system?  How does this new technology change your wiring design?  It is important to understand what resources your building has and what you will need to get smart.  Will the unit still be smart when it is vacant?  What does that mean for your infrastructure (if your building can even support this)?   If your building is running on old wire, you might not be able to get smart.  Then, if your wiring is ok, what does the smart technology do to you space you have in the IDF closets?  Your MPOE room?  If you are looking at Smart Technology without understanding if and how your building can sustain it, your cart is before the horse.

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