Many of us share similar aspirations: to stay in shape, to be more active, to do what is best for our environment, to have fun, and to be involved in our community.

Well, there is a new trend out there that helps you do all of these things!  Friends – let me introduce you to “plogging”!

Plogging is a new fitness craze which, quite simply put, is picking up garbage while jogging.

Yes, it is a thing!  Its already popular in Europe and now it is catching on in the US as well!

When plogging, joggers bring bags along with them and collect any litter they see along their route.  Gathering the most trash possible is the goal.  Bend down to grab a cigarette butt and now you have added a squat to your workout!

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked online and saw tons of photos with proud joggers posing with multiple bags of trash.

Although it might sound strange, I think this new trend is a great opportunity for us to get our residents involved in the local community!

  • Host a community plogging event where the group takes to the nearby streets and gathers trash
  • Offer a reward for the resident or team of residents that collects the most trash
  • Avoid the temptation to plog at the actual community – get out in the local area instead

Get inspired with a quick Google search or check out the article below!

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