We began to market our “green” efforts as we implemented them at our properties.   Not because potential residents were requesting the information, but because we wanted to stand out from our competition We wanted the current and potential residents to know that we had taken steps to save them money.

So, we started educating the managerial and maintenance staff.  We outlined the steps they were to take at each turn:

  • Turned refrigerators down to 37 degrees
  • Set thermostat to 68 or 72 depending on season
  • Turned water heater to 120 degrees
  • Cleaned furnace
  • Changed furnace filter
  • Installed low flow aerators in bath and kitchen faucets
  • Installed low flow showerhead
  • Your unit is leak free

We created a poster to display in the office with this information on it. Leasing agents are educated on how to present the information to potential residents as they toured the property.  Within the units, there are various placards relaying the same information.

The goal is that potential residents will leave with an awareness that Maxus Properties cares about helping them reduce costs!

The challenge for Maxus is the continuation of the process thru the months with the changes of managers and staff.

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