Based on the title, you may be thinking this blog is about a large scale toilet retrofit.  Well it is, and it isn’t.  I recently replaced a toilet in my house with an ultra-low flow .8 gallon flush toilet.  How is that considered a large scale toilet retrofit?  Well, I replaced 33% of the toilets in my house.  On a percentage basis, I’d call that large scale.

The toilet I replaced was considered low flow at 1.28 gallons per flush.  Thinking my original toilet was conserving water, and since I was only replacing one toilet, I didn’t think the reduction in consumption would be significant.  Well, I was mistaken.  On a month over month basis, this one toilet replacement has reduced my household water consumption by 748 gallons.  That’s a savings of 14 gallons of water per day (adjusted for different bill period lengths).  This is a savings of about $10 per month.  That’s about a 16 month pay back.  With that short of a return, this is a retrofit worth investing in.

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