For commercial buildings, studies have shown that LEED buildings have lower operating costs and better air quality than non-LEED certified buildings. For multifamily properties, the LEED certification process is a new trend and seems to be driven by market conditions or client demand. Millenials make up a huge part of the apartment industry and are very interested in sustainability and energy conservation. LEED certified buildings in the multifamily sector are on the rise, but does it matter if the property management team does not market it and sell it to residents?
Depending on the market, residents expect buildings to be LEED certified, but does the property team market the green features of the building to tenants? Are tenants educated to follow the guidelines and green living programs? If LEED certification is important and rental rates are higher because of LEED, it is critical for the property teams to ensure the building is operating properly and that residents are engaged in the green living features of the building.

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