LED technology has improved to the point where you should take another look.  The prices have come down and the quality has gone up, so it is really in the “sweet spot” for an investment.  And it really is a quality investment with significant value-add for your community, and not just on energy savings which are significant.


The quality of the light makes your property shine again.  It’s like having a new paint job or siding replacement, and your property will look safer and more inviting at night, when many of your residents walk their dogs and come and go.  The bulbs are also more durable and last 3-5 times longer than fluorescent lighting, which will reduce your maintenance costs.


But it’s the energy savings that will make your investor’s happy.  The payback can be less than a year, depending on what kind of lighting you have now, but 2-3 years is typical.  A three-year return on investment is still 33%, which is substantial considering it’s almost a risk-free investment.


The timing is right for LED.  It will be an investment that will really turn heads, residents and investors alike.


For more information on LED, visit the Energy Star link below:



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