Have you ever wondered if one person can really have an impact on the environment if they recycle?  Many people tend to think that the actions of one individual do not have that much impact, and that recycling is only beneficial if everyone does it.  Well, that is actually not the case.  The actions of one person do make a big difference!  Here’s how:

  • If you recycle all the office paper you use, you can save 18 trees a year! Do this over your lifetime and you can save an entire forest!
  • By recycling your household items, you can keep 1000 pounds of trash out of the landfill each year!
  • By recycling one plastic water bottle each day, rather than throwing it in the trash, you will keep 20 pounds of plastic out of a landfill.

So yes!  It makes a huge difference if just one person recycles!

Find out more about how you alone can make a difference:




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