I travel a lot for business, and I am often struck by the similarities between the apartment industry and the hotel industry.

I’m constantly noticing every detail at hotels and I like to find new things within the hospitality industry that I can bring back and implement at the apartment communities I manage.

One thing I have noticed while traveling, is that the hotel industry seems to be ahead of our industry in terms of sustainability and energy conservation efforts.

Here are some cool things I have witnessed while staying at hotels:

  • A hotel in San Francisco requires you to insert your room key to use electricity I the room. When you leave for the day, this ensures electricity is not being used while you are away.
  • Most Hilton hotels have a two-sided trash can – one for trash and one for recycling – in every room.
  • A hotel in San Diego offers a $5 Starbucks gift cards for each day you decline housekeeping services (saves on laundry water usage).
  • Many hotels have a card you can place on your bed if you want to opt out of having your sheets changed daily.
  • In Las Vegas, one large hotel has dedicated individuals to sort all trash and their own composting system.

Want more inspiration to get your communities on board?  Check out this list of sustainable practices the Marriott chain has implemented:


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