Effective August 1st, the water police will be active in California. California’s drought has become so significant that Mandatory water restrictions will be put into effect. If there is a violation, we will be fined. These fines will be targeting wasteful outdoor water use and cost up to $500 per day of offense.

Things to avoid:

1) Irrigation water on hardscapes: If you have sprinkers with enough overspray to cause significant water run-off onto roads or walkways, you may be fined.

2) Power Washing Hardscapes: Unless you need to pressure for Health and Safety reasons (removal of blood, feces, urine, etc) you can be fined for pressure washing.

3) Fountains: If your community has a fountain that does not have a recirculation pump, and your fountain it running, you will be fined..

4) Car Washing Stations: Unless your hose has a shut off nozzle, you can be fined.

These Mandatory Restrictions are expected to be in place for the next 9 months (until April of 2015). This is in additional to other landscape watering restrictions that are also in effect.

For more information regarding water restrictions by City in California, please see the hyperlink below.


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