Reducing water consumption is double barreled since it is the basis for sewer cost as well.    The cheapest and easiest reduction measure is low flow aerators in bath and kitchen faucets and low flow showerheads.  Checking toilets for leaks with a dye test every 6 months or when you change air filters or complete a work order certainly can make a significant impact.   Those stuck toilet flappers cost thousands a year.  Smart irrigation systems save thousands.  High Efficiency toilets save thousands.

Beyond those efforts, water leaks can literally eat those savings in days.

The next step in water conservation for us is leak detection.   Unfortunately, in most cases we discover leaks from water bills received 1 1/2 to two months after the leak has started.  We may be alerted at the point the water bill is received or we may discover it as we review our monthly financials, or we may not discover it for several months.

Efficient, effective water leak detection is the point beyond low flow.   Systems are available that monitor from within a unit to the point water first is delivered to your property.   Evaluating to find the right system is tedious……. what works on one style property may not be the fit for another.  The cost of current systems and how they detect a leak is critical to right choice for your property.

It is worth the effort.

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