An average renter uses 100 gallons of water a day.  If that renter has a toilet with a leaking flapper, they could be using 300-500 gallons a day and not even know it.  With the average cost of water and sewer charges approaching a penny a gallon nationally, that’s a lot of money flushed down the drain.  And the owner of the apartment complex, not the renter, is probably picking up most of the tab.

All this could be prevented with a simple replacement flapper that costs about $2.50.  That’s why DeeAnne McClenahan, Greystar’s Senior Director of Procurement and Sustainability, is leading an internal crusade to stop those leaks before they start.  She wants Greystar’s service teams to check for leaks during every service call and replace the toilet flappers on every turn.  The fix is cheap and easy, and she can monitor Greystar’s progress simply by tracking flapper purchases.

Check out this link to find out more about the EPA’s Fix-A-Leak Week program and what you can be doing to stop those drips.


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