Franklin D. Roosevelt said “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” in his inaugural address on March 4, 1933.  Despite that these words were spoken prior to my birth, I am connected to them.  You are connected to them.  For those of you that read this website, you are looking for something.  You are questing for knowledge for a better bottom line, for a better planet earth, or/and you are looking for answers to the questions “Why?”  And “Has anyone ever?”  I am here for the exact same reasons.  There is always a twinge of fear for me that I am an island and that I am odd.  It’s a very vulnerable state we enter when we ask questions; the questions themselves are an admission that we don’t already know.  If I ask you, “Why? And “Has Anyone Ever?” will you find me ridiculous and stupid?  Am I alone because I do not already know and have not been able to quietly discover those answers for myself?  I am afraid that you will not care for me if I do not have the answers.

The enemy of our fear is communication.  When you meet me here on UMAdvisory that fear is squelched.  We are here for each other, we are safe, and we have nothing to fear but fear itself.  My fingers are crossed that you ask questions.  I am waiting with baited breath for you to answer mine.  We will decimate fear with experience, communication and forge new relationships here.  I cannot wait to meet you.  What are your questions?


FYI—if you want to read FDR’s speech, it is pretty wicked.

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