How do I work through my utility company to determine programs that are available for my company?

  1. Check  provides listing of programs for each state and each utility company (these may be dated, but provide good guide)
  2. Check utility website: there are typically resident programs and business programs.  Some utilities classify multifamily as resident and some as business.
  3. Research energy company’s programs to determine which are free and which provide rebates.
  4. Rebate programs can include LED, high efficiency water heaters, boilers, A/C tune-ups, direct install, smart irrigation, high efficiency washing machines.
  5. Establish a contact with the utility program – they can help you expedite your project.
  6. Complete a property energy analysis.  The utility will provide Trade Ally’s to do the energy analysis and contract the work to be completed.
  7.  The energy analysis will provide you the opportunities to evaluate which programs will provide the greatest benefit to your property.
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