ROI, NOI, increased property valuation, Leed Certification, Green Loans… do I find my way through this for the greatest impact for my company?

  1.  Evaluate what type of company you are?  Build and hold, entrepreneurial, flip?
  2. How long does your company plan to hold this property?
  3. Which properties pay the highest utility bills?
  4. Who pays the utility bills?  Owner or shared?
  5. Is this project for a Green Loan?   If it is, the specific projects will be defined in the utility analysis completed for the loan.   Can we do additional projects as add-ons to the Green Loan?
  6. Does the project require company investment?  Is there Cap Ex money budgeted?
  7. Do your utility companies provide incentive programs – rebates, free programs?
  8. Complete energy analysis – most utilities, if they have a rebate program will have trade allies that will do the analysis for free as part of the utilities custom program.
  9. What is the ROI (Return on Investment)?   Three years of less is greatest possibility for corporate acceptance.
  10.   What are the utility expense reductions from the project?

How much does that translate to increased property valuation?

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