Ok, I know most of you are tired of hearing what is going on in California, but I am going to talk about California and EV charging in Multifamily. Recently legislation has been passed   (AB 2565) which states that if a resident wants to install an EV Charge station, at their cost on YOUR property, they can. You cannot unreasonably deny them. The law does afford the landlord some rights (we can direct a resident as to which electrician they can use, we can indicated what charge stations they can install, we can require a submeter on the charge station so we can be reimbursed for the electricity when the resident taps into the house panel, etc.)


Where some of you might be saying “well, if as long as I don’t have to pay for it, whatever.” You might not be considering the full ramifications. Who pulls the permit? If the resident decides not to pay the electrician, the lien is against YOUR property, not the resident. What if there is an incident involving the charge station, are you at risk? Not to mention, that your resident just tapped into your electrical panel with a 240 volt level 2 Charge station. What if your panel lacks capacity? How to do manage this process? If you have properties in California, you need to become well versed in this law. (Click here for a link.)

If you do not have properties in California, consider this. EV sales are rise. As per the graph below. If you think that states with EV sales on the rise will not focus on integrating EV charging, I think you might be naïve. Think about how many states are considering legalizing weed, now that Colorado has done it successfully. (Yup, I just compared EV charging to Weed.) I believe that if AB 2565 is successful for California to increase EV ownership that this law will be cloned in states that perhaps you do care about.

States with EV

Think about it.


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