One of the biggest challenges that I face is the water usage at my properties. My company’s business plan is to purchase older garden-style construction in the Mid-Atlantic region. This poses very different scenarios from companies that are developing new assets. A development company is able to install water saving equipment using the latest technology.

Installing low flow showerheads and aerators in the units is the quickest and most inexpensive way to curtail some of the water usage at these assets. Problems arise when you try to incur the cost of toilet replacement. There are no rebate programs in my area and resident billing is common. Until the rates reach a level where the residents cannot assume the cost, there is little argument in spending the money to install toilets. There really is no return on your investment. We are finally reaching a point with some utility rates where it is starting to make sense.

Another idea is to work on detecting leaks. If I notice a change in my usage at an entire community, I often will break the individual building usage out. This often helps me pinpoint leaks from the connection point from the main pipe running through the community into the building. Many times this can be where the issue is.

There is always a bit of sleuthing involved.


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