2 Responses to Our water bill is through the roof. What is the hottest water conservation program going and how long before I see a return?

  1. Like any other energy or resource, you must really understand the problem.
    Are the high bills actually because of rates or actual usage above benchmarks?
    Finding detailed information for analysis is often the first challenge faced.
    In the realm of water, excessive usage may be the issue but what to address first, fixtures, leak detection, resident education, etc…
    Knowledge is power to make a difference and the recently introduced WaterSignal system provides the hourly usage detail along with the benefit of real time alerts to unusual flow activity at a fraction of the cost compared to smart meters.

    • Mary Nitschke says:

      From my perspective, the hottest water conservation management program is Toilet leak detection. Something crazy like, 10% of all our water consumption is leaks. In most cases, when a Toilet Flapper does not seat properly, it does not make a sound, our residents do not call maintenance because they don’t realize that something is wrong. Quick and easy–do a unit by unit inspection with a bottle of food coloring. Put a couple drops of color in the tank, wait 15 minutes, if there is color in the bowl, you have a leak and your Maintenance Teams can work their magic. Be sure to flush, or you will stain your toilet tank and/or bowl. As for the ROI; depends on how fancy your food coloring is, and how many toilets you have to fix.

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