One Response to I understand that my state has passed laws that will require me to report the energy use on my property, benchmark the property’s use, and eventually show a reduction of that use. I do not have access to resident utility bills, nor do I have the ability to force them to conserve. What are owners and operators going to do to fulfill this impending obligation?

  1. Chris Laughman says:

    Typically the jurisdictions that pass these ordinances also enact supporting legislation that requires utilities to provide aggregate whole building data to the building owner. Be aware that this is not always the case, there are some jurisdictions that have not passed the supportive utility access legislation. An alternative strategy is to incorporate LOA language in the leasing documents that provide authorization to the owner to obtain resident consumption data. I have seen in theory, but never in practice, the concept of installing a clap type master meter at the primary entry point as an alternative way to obtain whole building data. I’ve had conversations with meter manufacturers that believe that such a installation would be possible, but it may not be feasible from a cost consideration.

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