One Response to Q: Do low flow shower heads provide a decent showering experience for residents?

  1. Utility Management Advisory says:

    A: I installed 14,000 low flow shower heads across my portfolio last year with great success. There is a stigma surrounding low flow shower heads. We all remember the iteration of low-flow shower heads from the 80s where the pressure was so bad that the bather didn’t get a shower as much as they got a “mist.” However, the technology is vastly improved. (Think of it as comparing the first computer gaming system, PONG, to what you can currently do with the Nintendo Wii.) So basically, when you install, there was a tremendous amount “chatter” regarding the shower heads before they were installed, and only one complaint after installation. I also found that at one of my communities in which the water pressure wasn’t the greatest to begin with, that the residents claimed their shower had better pressure afterwards. (I did not measure the pressure from before or after, but appreciated the positive feedback even if it was psychosomatic).

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